Funds Transfer Pricing

With profit margins shrinking, it is vital to determine the best strategies for your product mix and pricing, and determine your treasury centers' performance

ALM/Planning/Cashflow Designer

provides support for advanced cash flow assumptions and derivative analysis. Provided support for VAR, EAR, Duration, IRE, and market value are made available with a highly efficient forecasting engine for fast simulations. Forecast balances, principal, interest, calculate duration, market value, etc. with an accurate cash flow forecasting model. Using any level of detail (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)


Evaluate the full commercial deposit banking relationship and regionally competitive markets to determine optimal account type and pricing strategies for customers. Many factors affect the corporate customer's need for treasury management services that improve the whole customer relationship

Customer Performance

Calculate marginal charges and credits for each account based on all cost components including FTP optionality, FTP repricing, liquidity, basis risk, transaction costs, detailed fixed and variable costs, capital allocation.

About Us

We offer software and services for financial institution profitability measurement, funds transfer pricing, decision support, enterprise data warehousing, reporting, data manipulation, CRM and forecasting


Our Mission:

To increase shareholder value by revealing the drivers through profit and forecasting metrics with enterprise information in an ever changing business environment


Company Profile:

We are veterans from the financial services industry, having provided software solutions through past consulting firms from 1996.


Company Values

We strive to provide quality products with committed technical support and an aggressive development schedule.

Our Services

Looking for a solution that addresses profitability, planning, financial reporting or data development? Get up and running quickly by allowing MWI to implement your project using existing and custom applications


Our staff have been developing institutional profitability models since 1996. Borrow from the experience with a customer base that extends from $2 to $161 Billion in assets and includes installation experience that extends back into 1996 within past banking experiences and other bank consulting companies

Data Integrity

Data integrity is the number 1 issue for accurate measurement and MWISolutions developed its own software to check for many common (and uncommon) data problems

Consulting Services

Looking to build your own profit measurement model, data warehouse or financial forecasting model? Need help with methodologies for measurement, metrics or data diagnostics? Want to review your system with respect to Basel 3 or FSA liquidity cost quantification?/p>

Platform Independent

All products and services can work together with one database and one architecture! Minimize your data and technical support with a single point of access for all applications. Run on multiple platforms including HP UX, Sun Solaris, Linux and Windows

Edit transform and move your data

Looking to move data between databases while scrubbing, manipulating and transforming it? Need to feeding applications remotely? All while an automated auditor updates a meta-data repository and documents all activities? Then give Data Designer a try.

Latest News

Here are the most recent additions to our products and services. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first

Dec , 2017

Revised web based versions of applications for IIS platform and rewrote most of all applications during previous two years for browser and mobile platforms (IE, FireFox, Chrome) including conversions for java based servers.

April , 2014

Completed simultaneous scenario processing with blade servers. Also finalized updates and regeneration for all products support for Windows 8.1 + . Continuing work with MS SQL Server 2014 CTP2 for cloud and in-memory options to increase core database performance.

Aug , 2013

New compiler updates and regenerations for all products support for Windows 8. Updates also built in for MS SQL Server 2012.

Feb , 2013

New compiler updates and regenerations for all products support for Windows 7/ Windows 7 Server with SP2. Updates also built in for the latest MS Access, MS SQL Server and Oracle databases.

June , 2012

Addition of Real-Time on-line FTP model within the FTP system

April , 2012

Data Designer updated to connect directly to any database without INI file installation. New development platform conversion completed for all products relying on the most current software compilers. Added features for the MWI Cost Allocation System include improved audit tracking and processing at all organizational levels.

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