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About us
MWISOLUTIONS offers software and services for financial institution profitability measurement, funds transfer pricing, decision support, enterprise data warehousing, reporting, data manipulation, CRM and forecasting. 

Please Note:  We are NOT MWI Financial Services and we have no affiliation with them.

Our Mission:

To increase shareholder value by revealing the drivers through profit and forecasting metrics with enterprise information in an ever changing business environment.  

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Company Profile:
  We are veterans from the financial services industry, having provided software solutions through past consulting firms from 1981 and continue to innovate to the highest standards that are attainable.

MWIsolutions  is a software and consulting firm that provides profit/forecasting analysis for financial institutions concerned with increasing shareholder value.  We have been providing software and services to financial corporations since 1992. Our software was designed to turn data into actionable information, resulting from profitability measurement, financial forecasting and historical assessment. Our product modules were built with flexibility in mind. This is the philosophy our corporation has put into the software.  All MWIsolutions  products work together with one database and one architecture! Minimize your data and technical support with a single point of access for all applications.

MWIsolutions  has installations in the United States, Canada and Europe and has been providing consulting and software solutions since 1992.  Our client base includes financial,   insurance, and commercial corporations.  MWIsolutions  founders come from the banking and bank-consulting community which they have been involved with since 1981. The founders have been involved with profitability measurement and funds transfer pricing best practices since 1988, installing FTP software in over 150 financial institutions. It is this experience that has made MWIsolutions a preferred choice.


Software Philosophy:

MWIsolutions emphasizes a quality product with committed tech support and an aggressive development schedule and product plan.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition through our reasonable licensing policies, ease-of-use, and through our robust functionality.

By focusing on customer needs and supporting new requirements as the financial industry changes, we stay committed to being a best of breed provider for the last 14 years.

Our development team works directly with many of our customers and create custom solutions for their needs.


We endorse the BAI and AMI organizations

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