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Any organization that has depository banking relationships pays fees for the accounts and services it uses.  B-Smarter evaluates the full banking relationship and regionally competitive banking markets to determine optimal account type and service combinations.  Many factors affect banking costs.  These costs are commonly associated with incorrect account and service types that produce tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  B-Smarter continually identifies changes needed to keep unnecessary costs from occurring.

Key Benefits

bulletPowerful methodologies that understand multiple account relationships
bulletProduces account alternatives that itemize the cost benefit for each recommended change
bulletSupport for multiple currencies
bulletSupport for multiple bank relationships and third party correspondent banking
bulletDirect input capabilities for data coming from the bank
bulletGraphical analysis for all account and service activities
bulletHistorical analysis of all account and service activities with statistical modeling options that allow for forecasting future costs
bulletSupport for modeling historical averages as well as period ending metrics
bulletSupports the knowledge and expertise developed by BCS Associates. With over 13 years of experience, BCS Associates have become the experts that know how to optimize the entire banking relationship, saving many organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. 


bulletLeading Edge Technology
bulletComes as either a Windows or Web based implementation
bulletWorks with secure and encrypted connections to the data
bulletObject oriented technology combined with open platform architecture

Great pricing, along with superior features, and solid long term customer satisfaction are our goals.

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