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  MWI Cost Allocation System is a powerful and flexible system that integrates cost related organizational profitability and product level profitability all while incorporating ABC methods via data ETL capabilities in Data Designer  specifically designed for financial institutions.  

The MWI Cost Allocation System provides cost related performance measurement to all levels of management offering multi-dimensional perspectives at the Responsibility Center, Operational Budgeting, Profit Center (multi-pool overhead allocation), and Product P & L

Key Benefits

Benefits include:

bulletDetermine profit margins for your profit centers using a wide range of possible metrics.
bulletPowerful allocation modeling capabilities to minimize setup and maintenance for organizational profitability allocations.
bulletOrganizational profitability, product profitability, and unit costing are all definable.
bulletBuild and efficiently process center to center allocations regardless of the scale of the organization.
bulletCompare actual to budget results after performing allocations.
bulletView all costs relating to a responsibility center by general ledger account, various other organizational level or by aggregate costs.
bulletUse standardized reports for producing financial statement and audit trail information.
bulletComes with fully integrated reporting capabilities as part of the MWISolutions Decision Support System.
bulletCan be integrated with MWI Solutions Customer Profitability  to provide accurate costs that cover the customer relationship as does the MWI Solutions FTP system
bulletCreate multiple hierarchies for financial reporting and viewing your organization with various perspectives and doing what-if analysis on re-organizations or mergers
bullet Great pricing, along with superior features, and solid long term customer satisfaction are our goals.

Powerful and flexible

MWI Cost Allocation system capabilities enable any type of allocation rule to be created, stored and run routinely. Summary allocation results capability assures complete audit over allocation results.

Calculate both product unit costs and resulting product profitability in one complete system. Additionally, you can have complete control as the system integrates with the MWISolutions funds transfer pricing and customer profitability systems for complete measurement at any level or dimension.

Take advantage of the multiple scenario allocation capabilities within the software that enables unlimited separate sets of allocation results to reflect various analysis such as:

bulletResponsibility Center Direct
bulletDirect plus overhead allocation
bulletPre-product allocations.


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