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Cashflow Designer

Forecast balances, principal, interest, calculate duration, market value, etc. with an accurate cash flow forecasting model.  Using any level of detail (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), produce expected cash flow results easily for most financial instruments out 30 years or more.  Reduce the complexity in predicting future financial instrument behavior with an easy to use intuitive model. Special methodologies are included that are applicable to products including autos, mortgages, investments, consumer and commercial loans and leases.

Key Benefits

bulletPowerful pricing methodologies that exploit exact cash flows including duration, CPR, PSA, ABS, and others including custom formulas
bulletProduce results at any level
bulletSupport for multiple currencies
bulletSupport for multiple maturity profiles, rate scenarios, and business rule scenarios
bulletOptional output formats to feed other applications or examine within the MWI Decision Mart.
bulletForecast balances, principal and interest at any level of detail or aggregate to any chart of account structure
bulletSupport for forecasting transfer rates, matched spreads, base indexes.
bulletSupport for period averages as well as period ending metrics
bulletForecast in any combination of days, weeks, months or years
bulletAll MWI products work together with one database and one architecture! Minimize your data and technical support with a single point of access for all applications.
bulletLeading Edge Technology
bulletRuns on multiple platforms including HP UX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and Windows
bulletWorks with almost all databases including Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server, MS Access, DB2
bulletTwo and three tier architecture supports client server or Browser client requirements.
bulletObject oriented technology combined with open platform architecture

Great pricing, along with superior features, and solid long term customer satisfaction are our goals.

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