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Data Designer

Create Data Marts On-Demand!

Design and create databases, tables, extracts, files and more with no programming required in a point and click environment. Intuitive format for maintaining the definitions of databases including tables, columns, indices, referential integrity, security and audit trail requirements.

Looking to move data between databases while scrubbing, manipulating and transforming it?  Need to feeding applications remotely? All while an automated auditor updates a meta-data repository and documents all activities. Then Data Designer deserves some of your attention.   

Key Benefits

bulletTransform, cleanse and validate data from multiple data sources - easily convert data while sending it to different databases on different platforms
bulletExtensive automated meta data documentation capabilities
bulletMeta Data manager sends meta data along with data transfer activities
bulletCombine, aggregate, reconcile  and feed data to many financial applications or databases
bulletAutomatic documentation of all data manipulation activities
bulletRun batches of data manipulation activities at once against any number of data sources
bulletAll MWI products work together with one database and one architecture! Minimize your data and technical support with a single point of access for all applications.
bulletLeading Edge Technology
bulletRuns on multiple platforms including HP UX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and Windows
bulletWorks with almost all databases including Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MS SQL Server, and Teradata
bulletTwo and three tier architecture supports client server or thin client requirements.
bulletObject oriented technology combined with open platform architecture

Great pricing, along with superior features, and solid long term customer satisfaction are our goals.   Ask for an estimate today and see for yourself!

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