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Funds Transfer Pricing

Funds transfer pricing for accurate profitability measurement.

With profit margins shrinking, it is vital to determine the best strategies for your product mix and pricing, and determine your treasury centers' performance. Chose from a variety of methods for coterminus pricing or aggregate/blended assumptions. Calculate marginal charges and credits for your business units based on product characteristics including optionality, repricing, liquidity cost and risk.  View historic prepayments and model the way customers respond to changes in interest rates.  See the performance of historical pricing decisions and predict future profit spreads with the help of the complete reporting and chart tools embedded in the system. Use the MWI full reporting and charting tool set to create complete sets of reports for reconciliations, display summary statistics at any level in the organization, illustrate historical customer profitability, and have a complete repository containing all the descriptive information about the data at your disposal for listing on all reports - automatically.  Included also is a report tracking facility that puts English descriptions on reports about how the reports were created and monitors who is using those reports.  Complete your view of profitability by forecasting your marginal profit with MWIs integrated planning and forecasting software Vista.

2012 - Addition of Real-Time on-line FTP model within the FTP system

2011 - Addition of Pricing Model feature and PDF reporting to your business segments for price sheets within the FTP system


2001 - 2010: MWI releases its Funds Transfer Pricing Gold and Platinum series!


If you are looking for solid and accurate funds transfer pricing that is simple yet allows you to do transaction level pricing, the Gold version is for you! This version contains all the features needed to transfer price accounts or groups of accounts accurately and work "on top" of any database. This version will also feed other applications. This version is perfect for smaller institutions and those on a tight budget.

MWI FTP Platinum

Browser based real time pricing models and advanced issues that include multiple tranche input with independent time segments and rates, breakage on whole or pieced out tranche segments, rate caps and floors, option valuations, and Monte Carlo expected cost of funds are all possible in the platinum version. This version of funds transfer pricing will add these components to your analysis, completing the assignments needed to transfer all risk out of the products marginal profit. Single sign-on feature allows for Active Directory or  OpenSource sign-on by default. LDAP sign-on capability is also available for those using combined custom authentication configurations.

Key Benefits

bulletPowerful pricing methodologies that exploit exact cash flows for amortizing accounts, leases, etc. including duration, prepayments, straight average cash flow and others
bulletBasel 3 liquidity cost allocations are addressed. Liquidity risk assignments per FSA BIPRU 12.3.15 are optional as part of the implementation
bulletPricing for user defined pools of assets or liabilities which might be ambiguous
bulletSingle sign-on for Active Directory, Open Source and LDAP authentications
bulletPro-forma transfer pricing analysis
bulletPreinstalled detail and summary reports
bulletComplete ad-hoc report writer and charting with report management for creating groups of periodic reports
bulletSupport for multiple transfer pricing yield curves
bulletTransfer pricing across multiple yield curves
bulletIntegrated to work with MWIs Vista, for marginal planning and forecasting
bulletSupport for multiple currencies
bulletPricing Data Auditor checks for data problems and logs all possible discrepancies or problems
bulletComplete audit capability of all FTP assignments and methods
bulletHistorical capture facility
bulletComplete general ledger reconciliation's
bulletSeparation of treasury's contribution to net interest income
bulletOption costs and evaluations done for all customer dimensions or metrics
bulletLiquidity Adjustments
bulletOptional Spread Adjustments
bulletSend results to any application or database
bulletComplete data scrubbing before processing, including checks for inconsistent dates, balances, rates, payment amounts, etc.
bulletSpecial module for determining the expected cost of funds using random rate paths based on Monte Carlo simulation
bulletAll MWI products work together with one database and one architecture! Minimize your data and technical support with a single point of access for all applications.
bulletLeading Edge Technology
bulletRuns on multiple platforms including HP UX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and Windows
bulletWorks with almost all databases including Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server, MS Access, DB2
bulletTwo and three tier architecture supports client server or Browser client requirements.
bulletObject oriented technology combined with open platform architecture

Great pricing, along with superior features, and solid long term customer satisfaction are our goals. State of the art funds transfer pricing has been our goal as we actively pursue new capital management and treasury practices that impact FTP.


bulletIf you are looking for more information on funds transfer pricing issues and questions, email us at

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