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Notices and News

   Welcome to the MWISolutions website.
Check out our product offerings in customer profitability, forecast modeling and funds transfer pricing
MWIsolutions is redefining the standard for profit measurement modeling for financial institutions - ask us how

  MWIsolutions partners with Empyrean for complete treasury risk management. Empyrean offers the most complete rate risk solution with Monte-Carlo Income Simulation model available today. Check them out at: http://www.empyreansp.com


Product Updates

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to the products. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.


June 2014 - December, 2017 - Revised web based applications for IIS platform and rewrote most of all applications during previous two years for browser and mobile platforms

April, 2014 - Beta testing multiple blades for simultaneous scenarios processing and significantly reduce processing time.

December, 2013 - New updates and regenerations for all products support for Windows 8.1.  Continuing work with MS SQL Server 2014 CTP2 for cloud and in-memory options to increase core database performance.

August, 2013 - New compiler updates and regenerations for all products support for Windows 8.  Updates also built in for MS SQL Server 2012.

February, 2013 - New compiler updates and regenerations for all products support for Windows 7/ Windows 7 Server with SP2.  Updates also built in for the latest MS Access, MS SQL Server and Oracle databases.

June 2012 - Addition of Real-Time on-line FTP model within the FTP system

April, 2012 - Data Designer updated to connect directly to any database without INI file installation. Data Designer is also updated to work with the Empyrean database for ALM.  See http://www.empyreansp.com

March, 2012 - New development platform conversion completed for all products relying on the most current software compilers. Added features for the MWI Cost Allocation System include improved audit tracking and processing at all organizational levels. 

November 2011 - Addition of Pricing Model feature and PDF reporting to business segments for price sheets within the FTP system

June, 2011 - New release of MWI Cost Allocation System - Costing modeling with new features developed for organizational and customer profitability including multiple scenario capabilities.

December, 2010 - New release of Vista ALM - ALM and FTP modeling with new features developed using the native Windows Presentation Foundation.  This creates a better use of Windows 7 and the new visual styles available with it.

July, 2010 - Platinum Funds Transfer Pricing new release updates features for LDAP and Open Source authentications.  Support for WEBLOGIC added to our list of application servers including Webshere, EAServer, and JBoss.

Jan, 2010 - Funds Transfer Pricing new release includes methodologies to simulate securitization pooling and expand base rate selections. Meeting Basel 3 and FSA  liquidity risk standards are addressed in all FTP implementations.

November, 2009 - Release of the latest version of Vista-ALM -  Vista-ALM now includes enhanced features for derivatives and balance sheet duration measurements. Added also is model simulation speed improvement and reporting of another 300%.  This new version makes the simulation process very quick. There are now multiple maturity scenarios to choose from that have financial reporting automatically linked to them.

January 2008 - Release of the MWIsolutions Customer Profitability Suite! Combine FTP, customer metrics, capital allocations and indirect costs all within a single process and complete your total profit picture within a single platform, single architecture, and single application.

March 2007 - MWISolutions incorporates Intelligent Views and Executive Dashboards into its products.  Now you can combine reports and charts to complete any type of metric analysis, then allow for secure internet access to them with the enhanced user accessibility features. Meet Sarbanes Oxley requirements and distribute reports in PDFs.

Release of Funds Transfer Pricing Silver, Gold and Platinum series!

FTP Gold

If you are looking for solid and accurate funds transfer pricing that is simple yet allows you to do transaction level pricing, the Gold version is for you!  This version contains all the features needed to transfer price accounts or groups of accounts accurately and work "on top" of any database.  This version will also feed other applications.

FTP Platinum

Advanced issues that include breakage, rate caps and floors, option valuations, and Monte Carlo expected cost of funds,  are all considered in the platinum version. This version of funds transfer pricing will add these components to your analysis, completing the assignments needed to transfer all risk out of the products marginal profit.

The browser based version of Decision Mart, Funds Transfer Pricing and Cashflow Designer are now available! Benefits include:

  1. single sign-on integration with Active Directory or other LDAP authentication servers

  2. multiple simultaneous client access points

  3. minimizing network traffic

  4. zero client side installation and maintenance

  5. enhanced software features

  6. freedom to process from anywhere

  7. ability to process and leave client computer free for other activities

  8. easier client interface for reporting and processing

Create ad-hoc reports, store them in libraries, chart , and work in spreadsheets, all on the web!  The web based Decision Mart has been completed with a special focus on quickly creating and retrieving sophisticated reports in pure HTML or a web based spreadsheet.  Now you can create, deliver and store all your enterprise reporting with only a browser.  Contact us for more information.

Data Designer release 6.0 is available.  Added features include auditor tracking features and self diagnostics that help provide guidance during the data integration process.

Cashflow Designer version 4.0 is available.  This release now contains one step execution for feeding external vendor budget systems.

The funds transfer pricing system version 11.0 is released. This version works with any transfer rate history format - all from a thin client web Browser with no plug-ins.

Looking to develop an expected funds transfer rate based on monte carlo methods?  Look into our FTP monte carlo module that uses forward rate paths and multi-dimensional prepayment criteria to determine these expectations and sensitivities.

If you are looking for more information on funds transfer pricing or Asset/Liability Management issues and questions, email us for other websites and internet related information.

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Looking to integrate funds transfer pricing results with your forecasting process? Take a look at Cashflow Designer or Vista to see how you can model the future of your organization using current profit margin data.
Distributing HTML Reports
You can easily let anyone make sophisticated ad-hoc reports and deliver them in multiple formats including PDF using Decision Mart for the Web.




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